Wishing and Hoping

What are you waiting for?

For me, I’ve been waiting for a free moment to do the artistic things that I’m passionate about because I get so caught up in the day to day details.  I get caught in the stay-above-water game and, when I don’t stop myself ,I think I’m a little bit of a workaholic.  I wait to do all my living on Saturday, except I find myself making choices:  do I relax, or spend time with friends, or go out… and the list goes on and on.  Sunday is pre-Monday, so I have to plan for the week since there often isn’t enough time get everything done once the alarm goes off on Monday and the week’s race is on.  So, the waiting starts again.

So, will good things come if I wait?

The truth in the phrase “good things come to those who wait” really depends on what you think waiting means.  I’ve started to re-evaluate the waiting in my life.

I’ve waited because I thought that maybe time would effortlessly rearrange it self for me sometime in the future and I would suddenly be filled with free time despite still having the same number of obligations.  Now. I see that waiting without action is useless.  It is fear disguising itself because, the truth is, I’ve been unsure about myself and nervous to put my voice out there and let people read what I have to write.

But, I can’t wait without trying and still expect to be a successful writer.  There’s a different kind of waiting that is calling my name – the waiting that comes with persistence and practice.  I believe that there are good things to come if I try.


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Eating A Christmas Pie

Pie is a dessert that is reserved mostly for the winter holidays in our household, although I do prefer eating pie to cake. Outside of family functions I almost never make or eat cake, but I do make pie.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:



Ok, so cheesecake maybe isn’t a pie (I think the jury is still out), but it is pie-like and delicious.  I also like key lime pie, but I haven’t tried making it at home yet.

I remember several years ago I was at a Christmas choir concert and during the pot-luck dinner I put an awesome looking piece of cheesecake on my plate and was so excited to eat it.  I remember taking the first bite of creaminess anticipating the sweet, rich smoothness with the honey-cinnamon crunch of the Graham cracker crust.

I took that bite and instead I tasted a shockingly unexpected tart-sour flavor that definitely did not seem right.  Confusion spread across my face along with that pucker you get when you get a mouthful of lime flavor when you were not expecting it.  I didn’t understand what was wrong with that cheesecake and, after questioning my neighbors and finding out that the dessert was actually key lime pie, I actually really enjoyed it.  It was a great key lime pie, but a terrible New York Cheesecake.  The opposite happened at an event a couple of weeks later, although it wasn’t as shocking since I had eaten a cheesecake before and was familiar with the flavor.

Do you prefer cake or pie?  What is your favorite kind of pie? Have you ever mistaken food another kind?


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