The Seed

The seed waited in the warm pocket of its pod all summer long.  It was comfortably snuggled next to its siblings and, though it enjoyed the community, it longed for the time when it would get to take a great trip across the world.

According to the flower, it had once been a seed that grew into a plant.  The flower had started in a pod, had been saved by hand, and then had been carefully packaged while it waited for the perfect time to be placed in the ground so that it would grow.

One especially warm and cramped day, the seed wished and prayed that it could be free from all the other seeds so that it could start its own journey.  The flower told the seed that it had seen a strange gray creature in the area.  It was with the red creature that typically ran around the yard and made noises at the flying creatures.  When the gardener spoke to these creatures she called them Bean and Lil.

The seed did not know what a Bean or a Lil was, but the flower made it seem as though these things were especially active during the day time.  What would that mean for the seed’s future?

The gardener put green fencing around the flower, but Bean and Lil ran around and around the fencing and soon found an opening to explore the great jungle of red flowers.  They found that the stalks made excellent chew toys and soon they were tearing through the backyard with huge flowered stalks trailing behind them.  It was so exciting to shake the flowers and to hear the wind whistle through the branches as they ran.

The seed’s head rattled as the plant shook and it was knocked loose from the pod and flew through the air.  It suddenly saw all of the things the flower had talked about and realized that this Bean and Lil were humongous, so it hoped that it would be collected soon so that it didn’t get eaten or trampled.

Unfortunately for the seed, it was not collected.  It landed on the ground outside of the garden while the tornado of Lil and Bean blew around it.  It endured the hot summer heat that dried it out and the rain that fell so hard that the seed floated to a new area in the yard.  In the fall and winter it endured the numbing chill all alone while dreaming of a time when it may become a flower. So, it waited for the spring.


About lsanderford

Hello everyone! My name is Noelle. I'm a writer and a teacher. I created this blog as a place to grow in my writing get feedback from other people. I live with my husband and three dogs (they're all really cute). I hope you enjoy reading what I write and I look forward to reading your comments :). Thanks for reading!
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    Love it !

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